Monday, June 22, 2009

Why can't they listen

My niece moved in last Tuesday with her baby. Before moving in we had gone over some rules. The biggest and main rule of all was that her boyfriend, Rene, the baby's daddy was not allowed to my house without my permission. If you have read my previous posts you'll notice that he is violent and has actually laid a hand on her a couple of times. I am against all this and as Madea would say "I will go to jail!"

Ok so my weekend started out really good. Friday night I met up with one of my best friends and we went dancing. It's been so long since I've been and I really enjoyed myself. Afterwards we headed to my sister's house in Grand Prairie. My son, Mike, is housesitting while they are on vacation in Virginia and he had to be at work at 6am so I went over to stay so that I could take him to work. Her house is closer to the club than mine.

So I took him to work, luckily I headed back to my sisters house again to sleep a bit more but I got a call from Mike about 10, "can you come pick me up?" I'm like what? Well, Mike sleep walks and he sleptwalk and sprayed a bug spray into his mouth. He wasn't feeling very well. So i go get him, oh and all the while my good friend is with me, she decided to hang out with me the whole day :). Take Mike to Baylor and test are done, mouthrinse, IV fluids, blood drawn. Everything checks out ok, just made him really sick to his stomach. As we walk in the door to the house, my phone rings. Sabrina (niece) asks if she could give our address to her boyfriend's mother so that she could come drop off a check. I said "I'll take you when I get home". Ok so headed home to unload my truck so that I could make room for tables and chairs for my grandson's baptism. Not once did Sabrina mention, can you take me to get my check or anything. No I didn't remember at the time, I just knew that I had to go pick up tables and chairs and get them to Irving. So I left got tables and chairs, headed to Irving and then headed over to my friends house. As I sit down to eat dinner with her phone rings. Sabrina, "tia Julie locked the door and I can't get in". I'm like huh? Well, apparently, Sabrina stepped outside to get her check from her boyfriends mother and julissa shut the door and locked it. Julie is only 2 yrs old. So I tell her, ok Erica, other niece who moved in, will be there in 3 mins with a key, still hadn't gotten around to making Sabrina a key. Erica was about 10 blocks away. Phone rings again:

Sab: tia I have something to tell you
me: what sabrina?
sab: well rene's brother in law got me into the house but
me: (already mad because those people weren't suppoe to be there) what happen sabrina?
sab: well, he pushed the back door in and it broke the frame
me: WHAT?!?!?!
sab: well julie was crying
in background: lady says i'll fix it
me: sabrina all i know is that that door better be able to get locked when i'm going to bed TONIGHT!

I got home and this is how i found my door.

I'm beyond mad at this point. I get onto Sabrina about not listening and the first thing she says is "well then kick me out" I'm like you ungrateful brat!

Sab: yeah kick me out, i'm not going thru this shit everytime
me: damn right because it's not going to happen again

I told her that is she had just waited til i got home I would take her like I told her earlier. but she is so impatient and just can't wait. well, I allowed Rene over to fix what he could for the night. Screwed in long screws to hold and tonight they come and fix it.

1st chance, last chance. I don't want his family there. Now my sister's house was broken into when Sabrina lived there and funny thing is the people who broke in happen to know where Sabrinas stuff was. Both me and my sister have our suspicions. All I know is that if my house is broken into, all hell will break loose.

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