Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lunch for.................74 cents

My boss loves to go to El Chico on Wednesdays and eat the enchilada special. Well, he's been doing that for the past 18 years and they started to hand out envelopes which could give you $5, $10, even $50 off your meal or evey free items like appetizers, etc.

Well, my boss gave me one of those envelopes today (for my birthday) and I got a $10.00 off my meal. I had the Brisket tacos with rice and beans and of course my sweet tea. I love it when I can eat lunch for under a dollar! LOL

Other news here is a recent photo of Baby Phoenix with daddy.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Vica's Team WON

Well, they won their 1st game this season 3 -1. My baby is getting better and better with each game. Her coach says that for her to have never played, she is doing very well. Her best ability is that she has speed. YEAH!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More bad customer service...............

Ok so on 09/12/2008 I got paid and headed home. I decided I would go ahead and breakdown and spend some money on a cellphone so that my son Gabriel can send me pics of my new grandson. I stopped at the Metro store across from my friendly Albertson's. I walked in, very small store, there were two guys looking at phones as well, and one girl working behind the counter. This place is so small that the two guys and myself pretty much take up the full front area of the store! =)

Anyway, she looks at me and first let me tell you, she's one of these young girls who just by looking at her, you can tell that she doesn't know much about the business. Ok, I tell her clear as day in plain simple english, which she spoke good. "I would like a phone and plan that allows
1. Unlimited Local
2. Unlimited Long Distance
3. Voicemail
4. Web
5. Texting
6. Picture Messaging
She goes to point out a phone and mentions that my plan would cost $45 + tax. I'm like ok sign me up. I pay and leave happy for the time being.

My grandson was born on Wednesday 09/17/2008, five days after I purchased my phone and lord knows I've talked on my phone since. I tell my son to send me pics. Well, I never got them. ARGHHHHHH

I'm on vacation and really didn't feel like heading to the Metro store again while I was resting =). Anyway, so on Monday after work, a week and 3 days after I purchased my phone, I headed to the Metro store. Same girl was there, I go in and I told her "Um I'm not able to receive my pictures that my son has tried to send me, can you tell me if maybe the phone is defective in some way? She looks at my phone and goes to say "Well, it's not a camera phone" Um excuse me? I told her "I told you I wanted a plan that included (all of the above) with a phone that does the same". She mentions "No you never mentioned Picture messaging". I said ok well then you didn't hear me, I think she was checking out the two guys at the time.

I said well I need a phone that does have pic messaging then, ok well then you'll have to buy another phone. WHAT!?!?!? Um no I don't think so, I don't mind paying the difference however, I'm not purchasing another phone when I just paid 100+ for this one and it was your error. I need to talk to your manager! She calls him on the phone and then I take the phone and he tells me that he can't do anything because the return policy is only if the phone has less than 60 minutes of talk time upon return. I said well you know I've talked on this phone it's been a week and why wasn't that explained to me? He says well it's mentioned at the bottom of your box, I said no it's not because I read my box and besides she should have pointed that out. So he says that he could maybe give my $30 off a new phone, I said well we'll just see aobut that!!

I called Metro Corp and explained my dilemma and a Rick Ramos was kind enough to put me in touch with his corp store in mesquite where I am to pick up my new phone with camera, which cost roughly about $40 more than the one I purchased, FREE!! Then he went to mention that it's about doing the right thing, THANK YOU MR RAMOS!! I also found out that the store I purchased my phone at will have to eat the cost of the phone that they are giving me. LOL

Gotta love the people who do the right thing!! God Bless him!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, I'm back in the office today from my week long vacation. I did nothing all week except maybe a couple of bingo sessions. Wednesday Sept 17, 2008 my first grandson was born in Clayton, GA to Gabriel & Jane. Phoenix S Lopez weighed 8lbs 1.2oz, 20 inches long.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We talked, talked and talked

Last night I announced to Vica that she was to be an Aunt again in March of next year. She questioned and I answered Michael's GF, Perla. She mentions how she likes that name. =) We headed to soccer practice and waited for coach, of course after some rain and no phone we didn't realize there was to be no practice. However, while we had waited for some odd 30 mins, we had a mother/daughter conversation about boyfriends, relationships, and sex. Yes I said SEX.

I asked her if she had a BF yet and she looked at me like I was crazy. =) I asked her if she could do me a favor and she said of course. So our conversation went somewhat like this:

Me: if you should ever have an interest in a boy who you like and he likes you, would you please come to me and tell me and not hide it? Like if you decide you two want to be BF/GF

V: yes (looked me in the eyes too)

Me: If you were to become serious with someone to the point of possible sex, would you please tell me, so I can take you to a doctor for some protection?

V: Well, you dont' have to worry about that, I'm waiting til I'm married, I already made that promise.

Me: (smiling) well you know Vica, things happen and things change so I'm just saying that IF it were to happen would you?

V: Yes (eyes)

Me: You know alot of moms dont' have this type of conversation with their daughters, but I want us to be able to communicate and not have secrets, if you were to come home one day and tell me you're preg, well, you would prob wonder if I would get upset but it depends.

V: depends on what?

Me: If whether I knew you had a boyfriend and I knew yall were serious or if you hid it from me. If you had hid it from me then yes I would be somewhat upset ok maybe even mad but if I knew you had a BF and were having sex then no it wouldn't come as a shock, things happen, however just remember that if that were to happen then of course your responsibilities would change dramatically.

V: I know

Me: I love you

V: I love you too

ONE WEEK..........

VACATION!!!!! OMG it's been prob about 12 years since my last FULL week vacation. I just don't know what to do. Well, seeing as my grandbaby hasn't come into this world yet I won't be making the trip to Georgia just yet. So I have decided to take my week long vacation by visiting some friends and maybe even taking some to lunch. I may even get a chance to go to the casino and stay a day or two. =) I know that I'll get some sleep done too while on this week long vacation. Of course I also know this next week will fly by so fast that I'll end up falling asleep Sunday 9/14 night and waking up to Monday morning 09/22 LOL.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Twice a Grandmom

I just found out today that I am to be a grandmother AGAIN! My middle son's GF is 3 mths preg as of today. So that means come March or so I will be a grand mother again. WooHoo!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still not a grandma

No news and no grandson yet. Gabe said she may have to be induced however it wouldn't be til about the 17th of the month. So next week I have vacation and will be home doing nothing and hopefully I can go see my grandson in Oct or Nov.

Other News - have you ever felt like you can't trust anyone? Someone may tell you one thing and then another person may tell you another thing on the same topic and you're confused. Well try having 4 - 5 people telling all the same thing but in different versions then you would really be confused. This confusion could cost me to let go of what I thought was one of the best guys I have ever met. We laugh and joke together we can act stupid in front of each other and get each other. But what do you do when he may be the reason this news is going around and he doesn't deny it BUT says he didn't begin the whole thing. Trust is so important to me that it took 18 years and several dates with several men, yes I said several, to find one that I could trust with information I give him of my own life that no one else knows unless I want them to know. But now this. So much for thinking I could love again much less fall in love again. Well, I made it for a few months with him. Back to the old drawing board with another lesson under my belt. =)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Serial Drunk Driver - Let Loose

DALLAS -- A suspected drunk driver with four previous DWI arrests and a history of police pursuits was fleeing authorities when he caused a fiery crash early Monday, killing a married couple and seriously injuring at least three others, officials said.

Uriel Perez Palacios A Dallas County Sheriff’s Department deputy pulled over a Chevy Tahoe driven by Uriel Perez Palacios, 21, about 2 a.m. after seeing the vehicle weaving on North Central Expressway. The deputy suspected Mr. Palacios may have been drunk, said Kimberlee Leach, a sheriff’s department spokeswoman.

As the deputy approached the vehicle, Mr. Palacios drove away with his lights off and immediately exited at Mockingbird Lane, Ms. Leach said. He ran a red light at the intersection and struck another Tahoe, sending Mr. Palacios’ vehicle into the air.

The Tahoe landed on a third vehicle, a Scion SUV, killing Erika Clouet, 24, and German Clouet, 23.

“Many deputies said it was one of the worst accidents that they ever saw,” Ms. Leach said. “You couldn’t make out what kinds of vehicles were involved.”

Mr. Palacios was thrown from his vehicle, Ms. Leach said. His passenger, Didiana Espinoza, 23, had to be cut from the wreckage. Both were taken to Baylor Hospital in Dallas in critical condition.

Authorities arrested Mr. Palacios earlier this year for driving while intoxicated, his fourth, Ms. Leach said. He already was facing DWI charges from that incident and another in 2007, and had been involved in two police chases prior to Monday’s crash.

Ms. Leach added that, based on his most recent arrest, Mr. Palacios may have been driving on a suspended license.

Officials plan to charge Mr. Palacios with intoxication manslaughter if he survives. Deputies are still investigating his whereabouts before the accident.

Five Southern Methodist University students were in the other Tahoe, two of whom were seriously injured. The driver was in surgery today at Baylor Hospital for a broken left arm, which had also been burned. A passenger was undergoing tests at Baylor.

A tenant at the Hotel Palomar, David Wong, 33, of Tulsa, Okla, said he was awoken by a loud boom outside. He said he opened his window to see a car on its side and another on fire.

“One guy was on the ground screaming,” he said.

The intersection was shut down for four hours as deputies investigated the accident. Lanes on Central Expressway also shut down as deputies cleaned up gasoline that spilled onto the freeway. Officials re-opened the roads a few hours later.

***Me and a friend of mine, Hortensia stopped to look at the scene of this accident and witness the victims being pulled out. Yes we also witnessed Mr. Clouet being pulled from his vehicle, lifeless. It took workers 20 minutes to pull him out with the jaws of life. There is much blame to pass around and I would begin with the system that let Mr. Palacios loose.