Friday, September 12, 2008

We talked, talked and talked

Last night I announced to Vica that she was to be an Aunt again in March of next year. She questioned and I answered Michael's GF, Perla. She mentions how she likes that name. =) We headed to soccer practice and waited for coach, of course after some rain and no phone we didn't realize there was to be no practice. However, while we had waited for some odd 30 mins, we had a mother/daughter conversation about boyfriends, relationships, and sex. Yes I said SEX.

I asked her if she had a BF yet and she looked at me like I was crazy. =) I asked her if she could do me a favor and she said of course. So our conversation went somewhat like this:

Me: if you should ever have an interest in a boy who you like and he likes you, would you please come to me and tell me and not hide it? Like if you decide you two want to be BF/GF

V: yes (looked me in the eyes too)

Me: If you were to become serious with someone to the point of possible sex, would you please tell me, so I can take you to a doctor for some protection?

V: Well, you dont' have to worry about that, I'm waiting til I'm married, I already made that promise.

Me: (smiling) well you know Vica, things happen and things change so I'm just saying that IF it were to happen would you?

V: Yes (eyes)

Me: You know alot of moms dont' have this type of conversation with their daughters, but I want us to be able to communicate and not have secrets, if you were to come home one day and tell me you're preg, well, you would prob wonder if I would get upset but it depends.

V: depends on what?

Me: If whether I knew you had a boyfriend and I knew yall were serious or if you hid it from me. If you had hid it from me then yes I would be somewhat upset ok maybe even mad but if I knew you had a BF and were having sex then no it wouldn't come as a shock, things happen, however just remember that if that were to happen then of course your responsibilities would change dramatically.

V: I know

Me: I love you

V: I love you too

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