Thursday, September 25, 2008

More bad customer service...............

Ok so on 09/12/2008 I got paid and headed home. I decided I would go ahead and breakdown and spend some money on a cellphone so that my son Gabriel can send me pics of my new grandson. I stopped at the Metro store across from my friendly Albertson's. I walked in, very small store, there were two guys looking at phones as well, and one girl working behind the counter. This place is so small that the two guys and myself pretty much take up the full front area of the store! =)

Anyway, she looks at me and first let me tell you, she's one of these young girls who just by looking at her, you can tell that she doesn't know much about the business. Ok, I tell her clear as day in plain simple english, which she spoke good. "I would like a phone and plan that allows
1. Unlimited Local
2. Unlimited Long Distance
3. Voicemail
4. Web
5. Texting
6. Picture Messaging
She goes to point out a phone and mentions that my plan would cost $45 + tax. I'm like ok sign me up. I pay and leave happy for the time being.

My grandson was born on Wednesday 09/17/2008, five days after I purchased my phone and lord knows I've talked on my phone since. I tell my son to send me pics. Well, I never got them. ARGHHHHHH

I'm on vacation and really didn't feel like heading to the Metro store again while I was resting =). Anyway, so on Monday after work, a week and 3 days after I purchased my phone, I headed to the Metro store. Same girl was there, I go in and I told her "Um I'm not able to receive my pictures that my son has tried to send me, can you tell me if maybe the phone is defective in some way? She looks at my phone and goes to say "Well, it's not a camera phone" Um excuse me? I told her "I told you I wanted a plan that included (all of the above) with a phone that does the same". She mentions "No you never mentioned Picture messaging". I said ok well then you didn't hear me, I think she was checking out the two guys at the time.

I said well I need a phone that does have pic messaging then, ok well then you'll have to buy another phone. WHAT!?!?!? Um no I don't think so, I don't mind paying the difference however, I'm not purchasing another phone when I just paid 100+ for this one and it was your error. I need to talk to your manager! She calls him on the phone and then I take the phone and he tells me that he can't do anything because the return policy is only if the phone has less than 60 minutes of talk time upon return. I said well you know I've talked on this phone it's been a week and why wasn't that explained to me? He says well it's mentioned at the bottom of your box, I said no it's not because I read my box and besides she should have pointed that out. So he says that he could maybe give my $30 off a new phone, I said well we'll just see aobut that!!

I called Metro Corp and explained my dilemma and a Rick Ramos was kind enough to put me in touch with his corp store in mesquite where I am to pick up my new phone with camera, which cost roughly about $40 more than the one I purchased, FREE!! Then he went to mention that it's about doing the right thing, THANK YOU MR RAMOS!! I also found out that the store I purchased my phone at will have to eat the cost of the phone that they are giving me. LOL

Gotta love the people who do the right thing!! God Bless him!

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