Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still not a grandma

No news and no grandson yet. Gabe said she may have to be induced however it wouldn't be til about the 17th of the month. So next week I have vacation and will be home doing nothing and hopefully I can go see my grandson in Oct or Nov.

Other News - have you ever felt like you can't trust anyone? Someone may tell you one thing and then another person may tell you another thing on the same topic and you're confused. Well try having 4 - 5 people telling all the same thing but in different versions then you would really be confused. This confusion could cost me to let go of what I thought was one of the best guys I have ever met. We laugh and joke together we can act stupid in front of each other and get each other. But what do you do when he may be the reason this news is going around and he doesn't deny it BUT says he didn't begin the whole thing. Trust is so important to me that it took 18 years and several dates with several men, yes I said several, to find one that I could trust with information I give him of my own life that no one else knows unless I want them to know. But now this. So much for thinking I could love again much less fall in love again. Well, I made it for a few months with him. Back to the old drawing board with another lesson under my belt. =)


Daniela6968 said...

Well maybe this will be a lesson under his belt too. You don't have to be too hard if you care for him. The intentions were so that you would be aware and talk about it with him. Anger clouds everything else and later, you might regret things that you didn't give a chance to be fixed.

Beli said...

Thanks sister!