Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well, another year gone and another begins. Kinda late posting but, I was not feeling very well last week. Monday woke up with aches and pains like a flu wanting to come on, Tuesday head starting hurting non-stop and finally visited Baylor ER. Doc gave me some meds and knocked me unconscious for about 5 hours, during which they performed a CT and lord knows what else, seeing as I don't remember any of it. But anyway, my head was hurting so bad that I couldn't even keep my eyes open. Found out I had one hell of a sinus infection going on. Doc gave me 3 more shots and sent me home and told me to sleep for about 8-10 hours and when I wake I should feel much better. Well, hot damn I sure did.

Celebrated New Year's with my family and Al. For the first time in my life I actually rec'd the new year with someone by my side rather than alone. I have waited for this moment for a long time. We also celebrated my little girl's 14th birthday at 12:01 with cake and ice cream. Yep she was born on New Year's Day 14 years ago. Not one of the first however, she wasn't born til about 9pm I think.

Well, this year starts a new chapter in my life, as a grandmother, new goals to be made, set and accomplished. Hoping to scratch a few more things from my Life's List to Do. I didn't think I would keep up with this blogging thing when I first started but I have found that I like to share my life with strangers, family and the unknown.

This year my top goal is to meet my grandson, Phoenix, for the first time. Then to finally get my divorce from my ex after 18 years of living apart and no communication between us for the past 16 or so. Hope to have a wedding to attend sometime in August for my son and maybe one for myself along the way.

May your 2009 Chapter be fulfilling, rewarding, and full of blessings bestowed upon you and yours!

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