Monday, July 14, 2008

Georgia here I come..

Well, it's official! I'm leaving Wednesday evening for Georgia to go see my oldest son, Gabe. I'm realy excited to get to visit another state and have found that it's acutally like driving to Monterrey so that means in the future it could be a weekend trip, in a small car of course =).

Anyway I'm leaving on Greyhound Wed night and return Monday at 6am. Gabe says it's beautiful and they live in the mountains!

Another subject........why can't I go somewhere public without getting into it about rules and so forth? Ok an in-law family member is in the hospital and has been there for TWO weeks. We have abided by the rules to not let children under 12 in. Yesterday.......several and I mean several children went and came during my 4 hour visit waiting in the waiting room. Ok.......didn't say anything HOWEVER as soon as my nieces and nephews showed up I said take them in other children have been allowed in. Well, just as soon as they went in here they come. They were told not children allowed! So of course I get up and march straight to the nurses station and start. First they want to tell me they didn't see the other children. Well, that's bullshit because the other children all had ballons and flowers and there were approx 7 of them. I hate to go to this area of the subject BUT all the other kids were black, all the nurses at the nurses station were black and a woman and her two kids were turned back around also and they were white and my familia is of Mexican descent. Even though I hate to say it but I think it was a thing of skin. This morning I marched right into the Director office and had a word with them. Of course the head honchos aren't in til 10 so Ive been bugging them all morning til I get a clear freaking answer!! OH OH OH Foot note: On the desk in the lobby it clearly states, "Children under 12 to be accompanied by adult"

I'll get it take care of and the only reason I fight this is because we don't know how much longer this person will be in the hospital.

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