Saturday, July 19, 2008

Georgia Trip - Day One

Bus left on time and we arrived on time. Throughout the trip I was witness to rude people once we crossed Texas State line. I've never traveled East of Texas further than Louisana. The bus drivers were rude, the other passengers were rude, the personnel at the terminals were rude and not once did anyone in the terminals say THANK YOU. One lady that was sitting behind Vica on the bus yelled at her because Vica had reclined her seat back and the lady yelled "No No you're on my lap" and no she wasn't a big lady. I turned immediately and looked at her with the most "Excuse me Bitch" look I could but 1/2 my tongue got bit off too. Vica immediately put her seat back up and I told her to recline it 1/2 way back again and I turned back to the lady and gave her a look that said "I dare you say something" I was wishing she would and no not to bite the other 1/2 of my tongue but to just let it out!

We arrived on time and Diane was there to pick us up. We drove home, home is 3/4 mile from the main highway all UPHILL. They live on the side of a mountain. Diane had told me that after we ate dinner we could walk to the DQ where Gabe was working the closing shift. I easily said yes seeing as she said it was within walking distance. OMGatos! We walked to DQ and yeah 3/4 mile is within walking distance and it was all downhill and then coming back was all UPHILL again and talk about getting my excerise! I made it though and boy were my feet hurting, my legs were trembling, not for long but they were. Later we went and picked up Gabe, in the car of course, came back and stayed in for the night.

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