Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been Busy

Sorry haven't posted, things got crazy at home trying to get the house ready for inspection and at work because my boss did a complete 360 and now has us on set time for lunch, can't come to work before 8:30 and no more personal phone use, no more txting back and forth.........whatever. I guess I brought that on by missing last Monday for my home inspection.......she didn't like it....oh well.

I have news to post about Vica's last concert and pics to go with it coming soon. Also, my house passed inspection yesterday.....whew! That means I can go get our water turned on now.

Now I have two evenings to get ready for my yard sale to try and sell what I no longer want and then it's off to Goodwill, also a friends birthday party at 5pm, next weekend is the Mary Kay softball tourney.....woohoo...cant wait. Later

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