Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I had such a busy weekend! I started the major moving on Friday night and finally got to bed at bout 3 am after washing blankets. Saturday, I started my day rather early at about 8am. Stopped and had lunch, took a break in later afternoon to take Vica to friends sleepover/birthday party. I took Big Mike to work and decided to call it a day myself about 9pm. Stopped and bought myself some dinner and watched a movie. Sunday woke up at 10am to pick up vica from the party and it was straight to work moving again. It was about 8pm, went to the old house to finish up, moved everything into the living room then out the door to the truck, by this time it's 930pm and both me and vica were barely standing it was so hot and we were tired. We got everything packed into the truck and the only left in the house was the bags and boxes of trash we need to take out. so we decided that since the carpet guy wouldn't be there til 830 monday, we would come back early and take all the trash out , vaccuum, and clean. So we headed home, to the new house, at 10pm, left the last load in the truck, took showers and conked out. We both woke at 4am, headed to the old house again and by 6am were finished cleaning it out. So we treated ourselves to a good breakfast from Grandy's. Hit the spot just right. I'm so glad we're finished.

The highlight of my weekend was rec'g my son's picture in the mail. Gabiel escorted Jane to her JrSr Prom. They look so good together!

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