Wednesday, May 21, 2008


into a new house is so much fun but at the same time it's work. Wondering where to put what and so forth. I've made two trips this week, taking over boxes and what not, one Monday and one Tuesday. I'm thinking that if I take one load each evening, unload from the truck, unpack and put everything in it's place then by the first of the month I should be moved in with everything in place. So far, it's going as planned. =)

Yesterday, Vica took alot of her stuff and after unloading the truck didn't hear a peep from her. Of course she was in HER room putting her stuff in place as well. I got her a nice chair for her room to use as her reading chair and it fit perfect between her dresser and the corner window. That way she can use the light from the window durin the day. All the windows open in my new house and they all have screens! YEAH! I love to open windows and let the natural breeze come in.

Sunday, as I was cleaning our new house, I opened a window to clean the storm window and ants caught me by surprise. I had a ant hill growing in the window sill between the two windows. Well, I quickly opened the outside window, closed the inside one and went around and got my aunt's waterhose and hosed them suckers DOWN! :( :)

Day 3 of moving will be packing this evening and washin some clothes. No trip today. Good part is I only have two pieces of furniture that are considered big. My entertainment center and regfrigerator. Those two for last.

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