Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, this week i've been talking to a lady at the attorney generals office that works child support cases on the internationl level. of course i knew what she was going to say, there is basically ZERO enforcement in Mexico. However, we did find out that once my second son turns 18 we have 2 years to file contempt and10 years to file a final judgment. There is no time limit for administrative types of enforcement such as wage withholding, license suspension and liens. Of the final judgement means that he will have a judgement hanging over his head and follow him wherever he goes. This basically means that he won't be able to buy a house, get credit buy a car, open a bank account. In order to do any of this he would have to pay the judgement off. No he won't be able to get a driver license or any type of license for that matter.

Well, as I promised myself about 10 years ago, i will finally be filing for my divorce. Now that my son will be 18, I won't have to hassle with any child support, contesting or anything. I can just go file and wait my 6 months and then it's final!

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