Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Direction

Well, this morning I was reading the newspaper as I do each morning and for some odd reason the Volunteer Section drew me in. A few years back I worked as the order/delivery coordinator for the North Texas Food Bank and I enjoyed my job. I was also the room mom for my son's class at the time. So I coordinated with the school for a field trip to the NTFB for my son's 6th grade class to volunteer and help put together some food boxes. The kids all loved the idea and had a good time. After putting food boxes together they were given a tour of the place and were informed how and where the food boxes were going to go.

Well, back to this morning, I realize that I love to help and my daughter does as well. we volunteered a year ago at a christmas party for the Dallas Services for people with special needs. That was awesome!

Well, I think that me and my daughter will be helping out in other ways. I am going to look at the different agencies that are needing volunteers that will accept a 13 year as well and will start to help out in our community.

I can hardly wait!

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