Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm ME

I'm a good person! I don't want or ask for anything in life from anyone. I do things for others without expecting a "thank you" because the "thank you" will come along in my rewards later down my road of life. I don't answer to no one but GOD.

I don't and won't apologize for being outspoken, confident, self-assuring, outgoing, lazy, free spirited, shy, agressive, the life of the party, down to earth, more woman than lady, tom-boy, short, on the heavy side (BBW), dependable, loyal, honest to a fault, hispanic, american, self-starter, happy, full of energy, sentimental, wearing my heart and feelings on my sleeves because THAT'S WHO I AM.

I know how to let people go, tend to forget things, like being alone at times, happy where i'm at in life, see myself as a matured woman that knows how to have fun, don't drink, don't do drugs, don't smoke, love my children and grand children, love having parties for family and friends.

I cry more when I lose a friendship rather than a relationship, love to meet new people, cry when our National Anthem is played, cry in movies, love love stories and happy endings.

And honestly if someone has a problem with me then that's their problem!


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