Monday, July 22, 2013

How do you know?

How do you know when the indicated one comes along in your life? What are the signs. How can you tell if your prayers have been answered or if this is just another obstacle to overcome towards the destination you are being steered towards by the guiding hand of our Lord.

March 2013 - I met Jose and we seem to hit it off pretty good. Me and my good friend Lori were at a local Jaripeo and as usual being ourselves laughing and having a great time. The group of men behind us seemed to enjoy themselves as well and next thing we know we are all having a great time together. 

One particular man stood out from all of them for me and we began our conversation that day.  We exchanged numbers and he would eventually call me day after day until our first "date". one date turned to another and then another.

April 12, 2013 at New West while attending a dance and watching Jaime y Los Chamacos, Jose asked me to have an exclusive relationship with him. Now I honestly was not looking for a relationship with anyone. I just was tired of that game and everything that comes with it.  But I gave in.

We hit it off good for the first few weeks. The it went downhil from there. The biggest problem and actually the only problem is that he does not communicate very well with me and I can't stand that!!

Well, after going back and forth with him, in and out of our relationship. I have come to the conclusion there are worse things he could do to me. I'll accept him...for now haha. Nah seriously........I can overcome that with a lot more patience from my part.

Because in all honesty...........How do you know if this is the one!?


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