Monday, July 16, 2012

Why I do what I do

I am an efficient bilingual, outgoing, organized, detailed, people-person. I believe one must be organized and detailed to work in an efficient manner. I have tremendous memory skills along with a positive attitude - no matter the situation. I like to complete the task at hand however; multitasking is just one of my many skills. I am very confident of my work and take pride in being able to service clients and the firm I represent. I have eighteen year’s experience in the insurance field including property and casualty, workers compensation, claims, and commercial. I also have a total of 25 years in customer service, management, and administration including retail, business services, construction, warehouse, and translation. That is my summary on my resume cover letter. I know that when I go on interviews, people look at my resume and wonder "what does she want to do?" It's a question I get asked alot. Am I confused on what exactly I want to do? NO, I know exactly what I want to do when it comes to finding a job. I want to be to do it all and be that much more valuable to my employer and other employees. Over the course of my adult life I have self-educated myself with everything I know. My skills listed on my resume are several: ● Bilingual - articulate in Spanish (both written and verbal), and translation ● QuickBooks, QuickBooks Contractor, QuickBooks online ● Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Internet Explorer, Windows XP, and Vista ● Detail, organizational and memory skills ● Tracking litigation filings and deadlines ● Ten key, data entry, typing 70wpm ● Alpha & Numeric Filing ● Scanning, copying, faxing, binding, and mail outs I learned QuickBooks, all Microsoft Office products, ten key, data entry, and any other skill on my own by exploring each one as I came across those tasks and over the years I have become very efficient at what I do. The one career that I have had and held the longest is being an insurance service rep. Not only did I learn insurance, but I learned accounting basics, data entry, how to be organized, I learned how to talk to people in person and over the phone. All those skills are valuable in any position not just insurance. Now, I graduated from Paralegal College recently, yes the question on everyone's mind...are you looking for a Job with a firm? Well, yes and no. If I find one I will take it and be my best I can however, If I find something else then I apply what I learned in class to that field as well. School taught me what I didn't know in excel, word, how to prepare a professional letter, how to abbreviate properly, how to do research, etc. So how am I valuable to any company? By being cross-trained and ready to tackle anything that is given to me. The best part you always have something to fall back on, because no job is fully secured. :D B.

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