Monday, August 10, 2009


Me and Al have been talking and taking things a bit slow and trying to get together again. :) I found that I truly am in love with this man and he has broken that 'strong' woman into a soft hearted one. I had my first experience of jealousy about 3 weeks ago when I saw him with someone else and it just blew my mind that i could feel like that. Anger never came to mind but hurt, I felt really hurt.

The next day we talked and decided we would try and see what happens so we've been taking it slow and one day at a time.

Victoria asked me on Saturday about going to the mall to meet up with and hang out with a 'friend' she had met a few weeks back at the mall when she and her friends were hanging out. His name is Joey. Yes I said 'his'. I know, she's only 14 but also know that my daughter makes very responsible choices when it comes to friends. So Saturday was out of the question after we sat and waited 4 hours for band uniform fitting. OMGatos, had no idea it took that long.

Sunday when I got home from the lake from our Sunday family gathering, she opted out of this one, she asked if she could meet up with Joey at Celebration Station. The only reason I said yes is because she was ok with Michael, big brother, going along to hang out while they hang out.

Now I'm going to try and describe what happen next without laughing my ass off.

First, Michael wanted to go to the bank and Joey called to see if we were on our way. Vica says yes and hangs up and states "Hmm punctual, I like that" I don't want to get there too early it won't look good, she says. OK

When we arrive, we walk in and here comes this 'kid' down the stairs and Michael is already sitting in the little diner area looking towards those stairs he's coming down. LMAO - I have never seen Michael move so damn fast, next thing I knew he was standing right next to me looking this guy up and down with total disbelief. LOL - this 'kid' stood 6'4" and weighed a good 230 - 250 of muscle, so to say. he looked like an NFL linebacker. I shook his hand and he was very polite, yes the whole time I'm thinking ok how old are you again. So the question came out and he answered 14, will be freshman in Poteet this coming year. OMGatos - he was taller and BIGGER than Michael and I'm thinking no way in hell Michael gonna protect his little sister. Too funny. So i headed home but then headed back up there and played some pool and other games while keeping an eye on him and I saw that he was very attentive to Victoria and respectful, for now.

Later I went downstairs and met up with them and he was just nice as could be. Found out he already has a job working at Sonic, whose owner is a long time family friend of theirs. As, I turned away to go find another game I heard him talking to Victoria and stated 'wish i has brought more money so you could keep having fun. I only brought $70 with me.' That was very sweet of him. I approve, for now. Vica was smitten from the word yes when i said ok you can go to Celebration Station. She was nervous and changed and tried on 4 shirts before picking one out. LOL

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