Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have never had the experience to have someone in my famiy be diagnosed with any type of cancer. This year, you could say was my first experience with this disease, when i went to work for an insurance agency owner who's little 3 yr old was diagnosed last december. That was the closest I had come to this disease being present in my life.......until today.

I received a call about 2pm, my good friend who I have known now for about 5 years, Maribel called to 'talk'. She never calls just to talk, she is always calling to see when I'm coming by to make a payment on my loan or to check something out for her on the internet. She calls me her 'detective'. For example, two weeks ago she called, Help she says. I need to get internet going in the house again and I don't know how. So I called Warner and had them get it set up. When Marco Antonio Solis came to town she was going crazy trying to find out when tickets were on sale and how much then she said she stopped and said to herself "belinda" she can find out. LOL

Today she needed someone who she valued to talk to she said. I felt so honored that she considers me that find of friend. I also found out that she doesn't have but 2 or 3 really good friends and she mentioned I was one of them. :) Thank you Maribel.

Her doctor in Mexico tooks some pics and found a lump. She brought everything back home and will be getting second opinions. Monday is when everything begins to get into motion. Mari, you're in my prayers every day and I know with my support and your other friends we'll help you fight this. I love you!

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