Monday, June 1, 2009


Me and Mira, younger sister, set out to give our older sister a surprise 40th birthday party and it worked. We had told her a couple of weeks ago that we wanted to take her to dinner and she was like ok. So Mira and I shopped on Saturday to get all the deco and food we needed to pull this off. We were at Party City for what seemed like hours just to order freaking balloons. Party City re-organized and IMO I don't think they did a very good job of it. There is only ONE line for ordering balloons even if you're not picking right then and there. ARGH.

headed over to Vet to pick up Cocoa, then headed to to pick up food for party. Sunday I woke up early, headed over to get table and chairs and then to Mira's house to get started. needed to get cake in oven for Julissa (celebrating her 2 yr b-day too), Serena, cousin, was bringing my Aunt Pat's chocolate cake mmmmmmmmm.

We prepared all the fixins, celantro, onions, limes, made the rice, had beans cooking in slow cooker all morning. Sabrina and Nathalie started decorating and me and Mario helped out, in the meantime Guicho and Al were outside mowing the lawn, edging and killing weeds. Then we moved to the patio to set up tables and decorate outdoors, this was the Luau part.

Invitaiton said 4pm, Daniela was suppose to meet us at Mira's house at 530 or 6 "to go out to eat." I saw them pulling up so everyone came to the front door, sisters house has double door entrance. So Mira opened one door and I opened the other and everyone yelled SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!! and then we all sang Happy Birthday as loud as we could. She was surprised. What I loved most is that all three of her best friends were able to make it.

Everyone had a good time and good food. happy birthday Daniela I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I hope we can do it again in ten years. I love you!

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