Friday, June 5, 2009

New Chapter

Today marks a new chapter in my life. My middle son, Michael, has moved out, again. I called him at his girlfriends and asked if he was really moving out seeing as he mentioned to me a couple of days ago that he was and last night he didn't come home. So he ask his GF, and he says "yes her parents say I live here now." Ok so I mentioned ok then I will pack your stuff for you because I need to clean your room for Sabrina. He starts to tell me no, no have Vica do it because I don't trust you, you I hung up. I'm tired of him talking to me in a way that he believes is ok. He calls back and I answer and tell him, you're not going to talk to me like that. I'm the only one that has tried to help you and make sure no one rips you off so I think I deserve a little bit more respect, your stuff will be packed and ready for you.

This morning I also picked up my niece, Erica, from rehab. She actually is my best, best friend's daughter and we are more like sisters than friends so her daughter and now son call me aunt. I lost communication with them a few years back and we found each other again and now we are dealing with erica and her prior addiction problem. I say prior because she has cried to me and has told me she doesn't want that life for her. She has been clean now 6 or 7 mths. I decided that when she came out of rehab she was moving in with me. Both her mom and grandmom think that would be best. so today she moves in and begin a new chapter in her life as well.

Now for Sabrina, my real niece. She will be moving in too. She has a 2 yr old daughter whose father has caused nothing but trouble and doesn't really have a care in the world. His parents spoil and baby him. Now I have set the rules in my house with her. HE is not allowed to step foot in my house, but only because of the things that she has told me he has done. Now if me and him should ever cross paths again, there will be a major need for ambulance to haul his ass off and police to get me off of him. :)

His last episode was back on a Sunday when me and Mira, Sabrina's mother, my sister, were at a concert and we get a call that Rene is pushing Brina and pulling on the baby and all hell broke loose. Daniela, older sister and aunt to brina, gets a call from Brina and police are called, D goes and gets Brina and Brina presses charges. well, just this week the court date came up and he was a no-show, therfore he now has a warrant for his arrest. According to Brina he overslept. HA!

So my rule is simple, he does not step foot in my house. He can come pick her up if that's what she wants, but the minute I hear he's mistreating her and she sits there and crys to me, that is when she will have to make her major decision, either cut him off 100% or take his shit and move in together. I'm not there for bullshit like that, I'm there to help her get on her own feet and I don't mean while she's being abused by an asshole and she's allowing it to happen.

My prayer is that Sabrina will open her eyes to her life being much better off without him, unless he changes, which I don't see it happening anytime soon and for Erica to stay clean and see that she can do so much more with her life if she will just take that right turn down the road.

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