Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another school year gone by

Well, tomorrow marks the last day of school for Vica completing 8th grade. Next year she will become a freshman at NMHS. She has been accepted into AP English and will also join the Big Blue Band. She has a full schedule with summer projects for AP English and band rehearsals starting in July. She has some very awesome friends who will also be following her to NMHS and so I know she will enjoy her high school years.

Everyday of my children's lives that they attended school and I was able to take them myself, my final words to them as they got off the vehicle are "bye baby, have a good day at school, see you after work, I Love you!" My boys always responded "ok bye" but Vica has always responded differently. She always says "you too" As she steps out of my truck, she has always made it a point to look back and wave goodbye at me. Moving into high school, I can only pray that the tradition I have become accustomed to doesn't die. I look forward to her looking back at me and waving at me. Every once in a while, when she's in a good mood lol, she even blew me a kiss. There was a couple of times that she didn't look back and I honked at her and she came back and I said "you didn't wave at me" She would say "I'm sorry, leave and look back and wave" I know this may not seem like much to lot of people but it means the world to me.

I know that as she grows into a young lady and enters high school, she will begin to set her goals and grow relationships that I hope will last a lifetime. I just pray that she doesn't forget she's Mom's little girl. :)

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