Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Bell, Vica and Al

Ok so last Thurs my daughter asked Al for a ride to the store, I was busy cutting coupons as usual.

Well, on Mother's day morning as we prepared for our trip to Bridgeport, my daughter comes out to the driveway where I'm cleaning my truck out and Al is backing his vehicle out of the drive to park in front of our house. Vica gives me an envelope with a card in it and a bell.

Her words: "This is for you, when you need something just ring it and either me or Al will come." LOL LOL LOL

As we stood there, I rang the bell just to see what would happen. Victoria turns and yells at Al, "it's for you!". Too funny.

Then while we were in Bridgeport, I rang the bell and Al looks over at me and acts like he's running as fast as he can. LOL

Today as I was taking Vica to school, I still had the bell in my truck and I picked it up and rang it as Vica was getting off for school, as I rang the bell, without missing a beat she says "I'm on break".

Damn bell!

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