Wednesday, May 20, 2009

895.....let's see if I win

Ok so Albertsons had a Monopoly game going on. Yesterday was the last day you could get a game piece and you have until May 31st to redeem/claim your prize. I only lack one stamp on each section to win something with the smallest prize being a $2 cash game.

Well, I went out to Albertsons to grab some Flipz Chocolate covered pretzels on sale for $1.25 and with my coupon they were only a whopping .25 cents each! what a deal!

Well, I actuall went to four different Albies seeing as the first one didn't have any but I did purchase an item to get my game piece. Lo and behold the manager on duty grabs a bag and fills it up with game pieces.

On my second store they were out of Flipz and games pieces as well. So on the third and fourth store I scored a total of 16 of the white choclate and 24 of the chocolate covered and paid only $10.83! That's a savings of 80%! So ok back to the game pieces, in the third and fourth store they too gave me stacks of games pieces.

I got home and counted my GP's, a total of 895! So today I will open each one and match them up, yes i grabbed an extra two boards just in case you never know. LOL

Wish me luck!

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