Monday, April 27, 2009

ME, Kroger & Corporate - Part One

Kroger Store
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Re: Kroger #
East Regional
3600 Gus Thomasson
Mesquite, TX 75150

To whom it may concern:

I visited your above-mentioned store location on Saturday 4/25/2009 shortly after 7pm. I was accompanied by my sister and cousins. We each did some shopping together, however proceeded to the checkout with each our own items to purchase. As I waited in line to reach the cashier, there were still two customers in front of me, I noticed that three managers came over to the cashier and just stood there as if they were observing her, which I assumed they were.

A bit of information before I proceed to explain my complaint. I use coupons and have been shopping at this store for the most part of 20 years if not longer. I am a regular shopper and so is my entire family. I have been using coupons for a good part of those 20 years. I made it a point a few years ago to ask about the coupon policy for this store, seeing as each store can pretty much make up their rules from what I have seen. I have been abiding by these rules since. I was instructed that I could complete up to three transactions in one visit to your store, I could only double or triple up to three coupons of a like item per transaction.

As I approached the cashier, I was attacked by the three managers, no let me correct myself by two of your managers. The main one was a Michael, Mr. Edward, who is usually there when I usually shop late at night, didn’t say more than two words. The other one didn’t get his name however name tag had Co-Store manager, decided to take over after Michael yelled at me and was ugly about me taking my items.

As Diane, your cashier who knows your coupon policy and has always followed it and has always corrected me when I do happen to have a wrong coupon, was accused of not abiding by the coupon rule, proceeded to scan my items, Michael is yelling at me stating “You can’t take all that!” I said “excuse me”, “you can’t have all that, there is a limit of one item per coupon” I said “yes I know that and I have one coupon for each one.” Then he took my coupon and stated that on the coupon it says “one per purchase”. I said “Yes, and I’m purchasing three of them and have three coupons”. Your co-store manager goes to state “Yes purchase and transaction means the same thing”, I explained to him, “No, one item is a purchase and everything on the same receipt is a transaction.” He says “well, we can’t allow you to make three transactions” Diane looks at him and says; well that’s how we were told that they could allow them up to three transactions.

I explained to the Co-Store mgr. well, then if you’d like I can take my things and put them in the car and then come back for my second transaction, once I step out that door, I’m making a new visit. He allowed the cashier to proceed with my transaction. Michael, from what I could see apparently just came over to yell at me and then he went back to a register and began to check customers out.

I wish I could say this was the end, however, at about 10 or 10:30pm that same night I had to return to purchase 10 boxes of the Capri Sun drink pouches. As soon as I get to the cashier, there is Michael ready to pounce on me again. Your Capri Suns are on sale for $1.79 and I have a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off of one making them only .79, what a deal. Michael comes over and yells at me again “We can’t let you take all those, you’ve already been here today” “You can only use coupons once a day and we know what you’ve been doing! You’re abusing coupons!” Now mind you, this is being yelled at me in front of several other customers in your store, AGAIN. Now another manager, Paul, comes over and mentions to me, “ok you can only use coupons on one transaction in one day.” I’m like WHAT!?! “Yes, mam’am, you are only allowed to make a purchase with coupons on one transaction in one day.” “Are you serious?”

I said, “you know apparently neither of you know what you’re talking about and I will contact corp. to get this straighten out.”

Now, I go home, I’m in tears from being
1. Yelled at
2. Embarrassed along with your cashier being embarrassed
3. Accused of abusing coupons – I don’t use printable coupons off the internet and all my coupons say manufacture coupons on them with exp dates, redemption addresses
4. Pretty much not welcomed in your store after shopping there for more than twenty years.

On Sunday 4/26/2009, I decided to make a call to the store and talk to the Store mgr, Mr. Docktrie. I asked if I could come and talk to him about what happen in his store the day before and he says “Well, can’t you tell me over the phone?” I said well yes but ok here’s what happen. So I explained the whole situation to him and told him I had decided to talk to him first before reporting to Corporate Office and he said ok. Well, I feel that his apology was not sincere in the least bit and he said he would talk to Michael to see if there was something wrong.

I’m not looking for anything in return except an apology from the entire management team. I feel that I was singled out, my cousin was using coupons and had some of the same things I was purchasing and not once did they go over and mention anything to them.

I expect a response to my letter along with an apology. I would also like your coupon policy in writing on your letterhead. I requested this from the managers who took it upon themselves to yell at me and all of them denied my request. So I feel if I were in the wrong then why was my request denied? And seeing as you accept coupons the coupon policy is open record of policy, therefore making it available to the public upon request.


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