Friday, April 10, 2009

1st of many 1st

This Easter will be the first Easter without my mother. Every year we tried to drive to Bridgeport to lay flowers on my grandmother's gravesite, on Easter and on Mother's Day. There were some years we couldn't make the trip or just didn't make the trip due to weather. But each year that we did make it, we would clean her gravesite and lay flowers, then move on to clean up the other gravesites for her mother and so forth.

Afterwards, we would gather at a local park and have a nice picnic by eithering having sandwiches or cooking burgers and hotdogs on thr grill. Last year was the first year that I actually had a significant other join me. We all had a great time. We played volleyball, listen to music and ate some good burgers.

My mother told me afterwards that she was so proud of us and that she was happy that we all had someone in our lives to love us and take care of us (well somewhat take care of us, we are very independent women, LOL).

We don't have any pics of us with our mother because when we were growing up, she didn't like her picture being taken and even before she passed she didn't like it. Well, as grown women, we took her picture everytime we could and I'm glad we did, otherwise, we wouldn't have any to reflect back on. Well, this weekend will be the first of many first for me and my sisters. I know that thru the years, it will not get any easier. Even though mom didn't have many traditions that we did as a family, what tradtions we did have, we always enjoy getting together, laughing, arguing as families do, crying, and playing some good ole Texas Hold'em. I know that I for one will try to keep those traditions for as long as I can.

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