Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I love free but it's different when you don't expect it. I love Chick-fil-A, I could eat Chick-fil-A everyday and never get tired of it. Once a week I treat myself to a really good breakfast or lunch and usually I pick lunch. Today I decided to treat myself to breakfast and remembered there is one close to where I now work.

I drive up to order and my total was $9.00. Get to the window and the girl repeats my order and asked if I would like anything else to which I respond 'no thank you'. Then she proceeds to ring this 'cow bell', I'm looking at her like ok something new they must have started. Then she yells out for everyone to hear her, 'we have our 100th customer of the day everyone!' She looks over at me and says you're our 100th customer and you get your order FREE!

OMGatos! I get it FREE! How awesome is that. The cows have just made my day!!!! I'm really stuck on Chick-fil-A for life.

So now I can treat myself to my lunch as well and yes it will be Chick-fil-A. :)

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Death Knight said...

wow ma you got soooooooo lucky how it must feel! congrats on being a 1oo something!