Monday, March 9, 2009

What a weekend!!

I had such a great weekend! Saturday I had my little sale at Martin's house, he's in Mississippi so it was me and Ana, his wife. Then her friend came over and set up sale too. Made enough to pay a bill, woohoo. Then packed up about 1pm, headed home. Stopped and bought the early Sunday paper to check out coupons and sales for Sunday.

Headed to Juanita's when I got home to check out HCW (Hot coupon world), also reviewed sales for CVS and Wags. Well, found that Garnier shampoo and style products would be on sale for .99 at Wags, John and Jacque were at Juanitas and i suggested we do a Midnight run.

At midnight we, John, Jacque, Daniela and myself headed out, hit the Garland Wags first and scored about 6 or 7 bottles each of shampoo, conditioners, gel, mousse all for FREE!!! Also, got 5 boxes of the Perfect 10 haircolor, each one on clearance for $3.59 and my coupon was for $5 off of one = FREE, a few boxes of Ritz crackers, love them, also Colgate toothpast for 25 cents!!

In total we hit 5 Wags and a couple of CVS's. I'm not sure how many my sister got in the end but between me, Jacque, Maria, Juanita and Irene we divided everything and each made out with about 7 shampoos, 6 conditioners, 3 or 4 sytle garnier products they each got 6 colgates, 7 Ritz crackers all for $1.00!! I got 15 of the Perfect 10 haircolor, 18 Colgates, 6 Ritz, 9 bracelets, 9 small bottles of perfume, 8 shampoos, 8 conditioners, about 4 style products (mousse, gel, etc.) for $17.00!! On March 29th, me, John and Jacque are splitting a booth at the St Edwards bazaar. Everything we sell we get to keep the profits. So I have to stockpile and make it a good sale. Still have all week to get some more Garnier for free, it's a popular sale at my yard sales.

We made it back to the house about 6 a.m. slept for three hours and headed with a $5 bill to bingo for the first morning session on a Sunday, 32" TV giveaway, didn't win. I heard my sister say Sunday dinner would be at 6pm but she called and said it was at 1pm, and that then she had to go to meet with her loan officer for house she is trying to get at 3:30, well we didn't makt it to Sunday Lunch/Dinner, Vica was with dad and she didn't get home til about 2:30 so no sense in driving to Irving and turning right back around, especially since money is short for gas right now.

Watched a couple of movies, cleaned some, last week me and Juanita, maria started working out on Tues, Thurs and Sunday. So yesterday we worked out for 50 mins nonstop and I feel great. We do a 20 min warmup to music, then we do a set of 10 of each, jumping jacks, way backs, rocking chair, windmills, opp toe touch, picking grass, then one of us will do 50 on the ab lounger while the others just keeping moving, after that person completes her 50 then we do a second set of the above, then the 2nd person does ab lounger, then we do a third set and then the 3rd person does her ab lounger. It was a great workout! Well, I was the last one to do the ab lounger and this song came on and Juanita and Maria tell me keep going beli til the songs finishes. LOL I did a total of 130 on the ab lounger. can you say huff and puff?!?! Tia had rolled herself in the living room and she watched us work out, I think she got a laugh from it. LOL I'm so glad to see her move herself around.

afterwards we weighed ourselves, I think we should weigh ourselves each time before we work out but we forgot to so we did it after and my current weight is 230 lbs., my goal is at least 160 - 170. So I need to lose 60 lbs to start.

Afterwards, i went home to shower and headed back, Juanita invited me to watch Celebrity apprentice with her, Scott got fired :(, headed home and actually went to bed before midnight.

I woke up refreshed, full of energy. We agreed to change our workouts to Tues, Wed, Thurs., seeing as the weekends we usually have something come up. So tomorrow we start for three days straight, after work. So I figured if I can do 100 on the ab lounger each night I should have a small belly come new year's eve. LOL

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