Tuesday, March 10, 2009


People say that when you are in jail, hospital or pass away you find out who your friends are. Well, read this and you'll see that I was taken to jail around this time last year. http://beli-mydestiny.blogspot.com/2008/01/why-cant-people-think-of-anyone-but.html

Well, now that I no longer work there, it's funny how they tend to turn things around. A friend of mine came by my new office where I am now working and was surprised to see me working here. She was really happy to see me too. She said that she had tried to get my info from my prior employer but nothing. She was thinking that she needed to get a hold of me quick and put me with an agent that could use my skills because she thought very highly of me. That was so nice of her to tell me that too. She said she asked about what had happen and of course David made it look like I was the cause of the whole thing and I know Randa thinks the same way and as for Ana, well, I really thought she was my friend. Had I known any better I would have never covered her ass on the mistakes, which were several, that she made. Not that Randa would have fired her for any mistakes she made. Anyway, so the conversation that took place between my friend and David, well per David Randa had told me that I better be back in the office by a certain time and that I refused to show up to work. Now before I said anything to her, she told me "What kind of people are they?"

Now David is nice when he wants to be but, it's sad when he sits there and tries to tell me about the Alpha Male and that he is an Alpha Male, well I guess in his case it's only when he's with his Fantasy Football guys because in his family Randa wears the pants. Now for anyone who wants to leave a comment please do but I ask you, what employer do you know will call your family looking for you when they already know that you're at a funeral. What employer do you know will not allow you the day off to attend a funeral, unless of course you have time to get back to the office or it's a distant relative or friend that you feel just attending the church service is enough of paying respects. BUT this was my fiancee's "father". Like I said before I have forgiven them.

Oh and on the good side, I found out that this agency was #4 in her district last year from all her agencies that she has under her. WOOOOWOOOOOWOOOO!!!

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