Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That new window

Well as the saying goes, when one window closes another will open. And man I smell the fresh air. The fresh air of not having to worry that a client will want to file a complaint or sue the agency I worked for for unethical practices. You know I tried to tell Randa about sending checks on time and how that can come back but people who care only about themselves usually don't listen. Well, all I can do is pray that her agency doesn't suffer. I pray for her too. She tries to tell people how wonderful she is to her employees and really she is but only when it's a convenience to her. Funny how I have been lookin back and when I requested time or it came up that my mother was in the hospital it always seemed to bother her. She always asked well what about your sisters? Well, yeah what about them? I don't care if I have two sisters, I'm me and me wants to tend to my mother.

And when I said to myself that one day Randa will bad mouthed me because she feels that I wasn't loyal I was right. Like I said all I can do is pray for her. The only reason she finds people for not being loyal is because she can't be loyal herself without having to bring it up to people's faces about how "loyal" she is. She is such an insecure person. You know my mother told me once that when people start accusing you it's usually because they are the ones that are like that or doing.

All they cared about was "Well, we can't give you a good recommendation" well I don't need one because all you can say is "no" she wouldn't be rehired. Well, that doesn't say much....DOH.

Me and my Lord know how I performed while i was at that office and how I serviced her clients. That's all that matters.

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Frank and Maria said...

You know, I'm not one to automatically think like this, but after hearing about what your boss was like, I gotta comment.

Belinda, have you considered talking to a lawyer? There are certain ways that employers/bosses have to phrase questions in order to prevent harassment lawsuits, and just what you wrote above crosses that line.

And granted, from a very limited perspective on my part---- it sounds like her reaction to needing time off to be with your mom, might fall under some type of violation of FMLA...

Just something to think about....