Monday, January 19, 2009

My lucky weekend

I had the most luck this weekend than I have in all my life, well not counting my babies being born :)

Started Thurs actually when I bought $20 lotter scratch off and won $62. Saturday bought $20 and won $100, took that and bought $35 more pocketed $65 and won another $50. Well yesterday me and Al headed to Choctaw Casino and I took a whopping $120 to spend and lose, in my mind right. So we arrived at 5pm and by the time I left at 1a.m. I was heading home with $1500 in my pocket!!!!! OMGatos, I couldn't believe it.

So today I figured, I'm paying all my house bills and paying off my stove. I can say right now I have a big fat ZERO balance due on my water, gas, and light. So I head over the the Chevron and get $100 worth of tickets and only won $60, so I guess my luck ran out at midnight last night. That's ok I'm a very happy person right now.

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