Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Money Discussions are OUT!

Ok, well last night Martin came over and I had to do an estimate for Ovalle Concrete, well we completed that and we were discussing how they would pay me for the invoices for this conttract. It was either as we go for each invoice or a lump sum % from the total of the contract (which I prefer). Al is sitting there and all of a sudden speaks up and ask what are you doing for the $xxxx? I said what I always to, invoices, emails, faxes and maintain the books for this contract for the length of the project, could last up to a year. So anyway, he's like for that much! I said yes why? Then he goes into about Martin giving me some money back before christmas. Well, I work for Martin and have been for the last 7 years now. So each time that I create an estimate or invoice or fax or call or email this companies there is a charge and I usually just wait til they receive a check and then he comes and pays me. Well, in my mind I don't owe an explanation to anyone in regards to what kind of money I make or how much someone owes me. I explained this to Al and I also told him that if I do tell him about my finances then it's because I respect him and that's all.

And I let him know in plain and simple spanish under no circumstance are we to have this discussion again PERIOD.

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