Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mom - Day 3

Cardio Dr mentions chest xray is better. Might be able to ween off pressure meds this week. Still not out of the woods however. Sis, D, said our favorite nurse told her that mom can hear her. Her heart rate went up when D spoke to her.

She continues to be unconscious and will be while hooked up to the ventilator. I have rec'd so many phone calls from all her friends from AOL and I gave my email to one of them to forward emails to me so I can take them to Mom and read them. I will post how she responds to the emails.

Also, Vica wrote something for her NaNa as follows:


Never was when i thought this could happen
Never did i want it to come to this
Now i sit in an empty bliss
But Never will i leave your side
I will not leave no matter how hard i cry
Never will i go even when you voice grows faint
Never will i go not even when you heart beat starts to fade
I'm here beside you
Can you hear me whisper to you?
Never will i turn my back
how long has it been though, i lost track
Never was when yesterday was history
And when tomorrow was a mystery
but i wonder if
Today brings a gift
Never is hopefully the present i get

by Victoria Nava to her Nana

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