Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mom - Day 2

Mom has squeezed ours hands when we talk to her. Today they lowered her to 5ccs of morphine, yesterday they had her at 10. Cardio Doc came in this morning and advised us that her heart is only at 25% and the front of her heart has basically stopped working. We just need to wait and see if the diaylsis works and removes the fluid from her lungs. The lungs were overflowing to the point that they had started to bleed. Yes the doc advised the possibility that she may never come off the ventilator, however, there is always hope.

I called one of her friend, Pils, from her internet cirlce of friends and the calls started pouring in. I have seen how loved she is by faceless relationships she has built over the years. She has hundreds of friends calling her and wishing her well and have her in prayers. She has been a big influence to many people over the years and I have been witness to that. I am so proud of my mother and am proud to be called her daughter.

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