Friday, January 30, 2009

Mom - Day 12

Well, today Margaret (our favorite nurse) was straightening out the lines to all the things hooked up to mom. All the lines were changed and the cat was moved due to infection. Cultures are being done to pinpoint the place of infection. Infection doc came in and said her white blood cells where elevated, sign of infection.

JoJo got to see Mom, finally! As I walked in yesterday, there was a lady who apparently had just arrived that day and had her son, about jo's age 5-6, and they allowed her to the back to see her loved one. Now wait a damn minute, you know me, I stepped right up to the nurses station and stated "Now we've been here going on two weeks and last week we asked the very same request and were denied, now why does she get to go back there?" I looked at the nurse and turned away. She then came into mom's room and motioned for me, "Can I please speak with you?" Sure, well after all was said and done, JoJo got to see Nana.

Today Margaret tells me that if I have any concerns to let them know, I said oh believe me I will voice any concerns I have, Margaret goes to state, yeah your sister told me you would. LOL

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