Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mom - Day 11

Today, I wasn't at the hospital this morning. Last night me and Al decided we should go home and get some much needed rest. Right as we arrived at the house, he gets the call we have been dreading. His grandfather passed away.

I met this man last year in July and shortly after meeting him, he was admitted to the hospital due to lung and kidney failure. Docs told him that only about 3 weeks to live if that. Well, 1/2 year later we get that dreaded call. So we headed over to Al's apt to be with mom and family.

Mr. Hernandez was such a loving man, he accepted me right away. I would joke with him that Al stood me up at New Year's Eve to be with him when I first met Al. LOL During these past 6 mths, he would call Al and always asked for me to see how I was doing and if I wasn't around, he would tell Al "Tell Belinda I'm still alive". I loved him and he loved me right back. I could tell that when he got better last year he didn't want to go back home to Washington but he had to. If I'm not mistaken he was about 82 or 83 years old. He lived a lifetime and I was honored to be just a small part of his life. He told me that I was actually a big part of his life seeing as I was with his best bud, Alonzo.

Alonzo never knew his father seeing as he passed away when Al was very young, so his grandfather, his mom's dad, is the one that helped raise him and the two became very close. So close in fact that they called each other "Carnal" in English that would be brother. Alonzo is holding up pretty good but I think once we go to the funeral service and it's over with, it will hit him.

On my way to the hospital and work this morning, Mira, my sister calls. Someone rearended her and so here I go. Well, her damage is to the bumper in the back front headlight was just hanging there. She was pushed into someone else. The red sports car that hit her well went underneath her car so very little damage to the rear. However, damage to the gas tank cage/cover, muffler was bent causing a breakage and now when she revs the vehicle you can hear that ugly noise it makes, front headlight wasn't broken but the whole headlight broke from the base where it sits, front bumper is cracked. She was a bit shaken but otherwise seemed fine. Told her what to do before the cops showed up. She's good to go.

Mom was sedated early this morning due to her being very active and wouldn't calm down. Bloodwork drawn to check for infection. Still on venti.

Is it Monday? Seems like it from my view.

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