Monday, January 26, 2009

I was his Angel...:)

Yesterday, I headed home for some duties which were calling my name all week. Clothes had to be washed, check on groceries and make sure my children had enough seeing as I will be gone most of the week and a much needed shower. After washing clothes and showering, I ran an errand to Martin's house. Now 9 out of 10 times I'll take Town East which then turns into Masters and over a block to Martin's house. Other times I'll take the LBJ 635 to CF Hawn 175 and exit St. Augustine. Well, last night something told me to take 175. As I exited onto St Augustine, there was a vehicle partially blocking the off ramp. So I slowed down to see if anyone was in there and there was a gentleman who was having difficulty breathing. So I asked if he was ok. Apparently he dozed off and sideswiped the median concrete wall with the front of his vehicle and came to stop there as he tried to exit to check the damage. However, he became nervous and began to have problems breathing. So I told him to let me try and move it for him, Al was with me this whole time. Well, the vehicle had little body damage but the front tire was flat and apparently locked up somehow that it would not move forward. So the gentleman mentioned it's a rental and so I took the keys and notice the tag and it had roadside assistance, I called and they dispatched a tow truck. Meanwhile, the guy advises I can leave while he waits and I said "No, I want to make sure you're ok and don't pass out." He keep breathing heavy and coughing. I asked about his medical condition and he stated he had congestive heart failure, kidneys and lungs were bad. Well, I waited with him for about an hour or so. Fire engine was exiting and stopped behind his vehicle and stayed to block traffic from exiting (Dangerous spot) til the wrecker arrived. Finally about hour, wrecker arrived and they loaded the vehicle and Mr. Williams was on his way.

I had given him a card from my office and this morning I rec'd a call from his wife. She said "Thank you for being his Angel." He arrived home and was rushed to ER due to breathing problems. he couldn't get his breath and needed oxygen. he's fine now.

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