Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WOO WOO WOO WOO!!!!!!!!!

OMGatos!!!! Ok let me calm down a bit. Let's start with how my day started 1st. Yesterday was a pretty ordinary day, here at work in the office and around 3:30pm rec'd a call from accounting for a homeowner policy stating that the policy (new business) had lapse for non-payment. WHAT!?!?! Ok so I research and find that my boss, also the accounting dept in our office, had failed to send the check for the premium that we rec'd in full from the insured. Ok I get like extremely upset. Why you ask? Well, because my boss stays on me to sell, sell, sell and when I do she messes up the whole damn thing by letting it cancel due to non-payment because she can't seem to get these checks out in a timely fashion and all my work has just gone down the drain which means I have to do double work to get the policy either reinstated or rewritten. Also, if the insured were to have a claim that's on our E&O policy which hey if my boss wants that on her then let her but I try so hard to protect our liability and then for them to just go and mess it up? NOT!!

So I'm actually crying over this issue when my co-worker comes in to see why I'm upset and I explain and this is not the first time that we both have gone thru this. So she tells me to calm down and take a break. Ok by 4:30pm I'm good. Today Al came to pick me up at work and as he was leaving his apartment, his car died on him, so he got it started and headed back to his apt and got his truck. Come to find out it was the battery.........dead as a door nail.

Ok so finally he gets here at about 5:45pm, told him I needed to go pick up a mattress in Mesquite from a guy off CL but when I called the guy he said he wouldn't be there for another hour or so, so we headed to drop off Vica and bf Michelle to AMC movies and we headed to bingo. No luck whatsoever! We were set plenty of times but no BINGO. Ok so we leave and called the mattress guy, says come on over. Had to stop and get change. Decided to buy lottery ticket.....Pinball Wizard $7 ticket.

Ok here is where it day/night just got so much better! I scratched off the very bottom and found my number matched and then found the prize to be $100! Next number matched also and another $100! Ok so by now I'm standing there at the cashier in 7-11 waiting on my change and I'm looking at AL and I think I'm going to pass out. So then before I sratch anything else I turn the ticket around. Lo and behold.......the prizes for this ticket are 7, 10, 11, 17, 20, 27, 49, 70, 77, 100, 157, 577...etc. So just by seeing that I have already won $200 I knew that I actually had a ticket that had a prize of $577 seeing as there is no prize from 100 to 577. I gave a the cashier $20 for giving me a winning ticket. Headed to the truck and OMGATOS!!!! I WON $577!!!!!!

So we did some late night shopping, finally got my comforter I wanted and I bought Al his battery =) and Vica a few things.

My day was dark but my night shined!

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