Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What to do?

Ok I have completed three years at this current insurance agency. I love my job.....BUT what do you do when you boss starts choosing and picking who he will help and not help. Especially seeing as you want to service everyone single person that calls, comes into the office. Regardless if they are currently our clients or not. Each person is a potential client when they call our office, even if it's for a claim regarding an accident with one of our insureds.

Also, what do you do when, you have told you superior over and over and over, the internet line and fax line somehow are crossed now. That means if I'm in the middle of an application for an insured online and the fax goes off....guess what? My whole window closes and my app and info are lost, gone disappeared forever! I have to sit here, sometimes with client in office (pls be patient) and re-enter the whole freaking thing AGAIN!

Maybe it's time I find an agency that gives a crap about everything and not just what they want to care about. yeah good luck in that search!

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