Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ready to Start

WOOHOO! I finally got both the aero glider and the ab lounger!. I set both up last night, today I am going to weigh myself and measure. I am giving myself 60 days for me to notice any change.

Last night I met with my sister at one of my friends who is a real estate broker, she's thinking about buying a house. I left her there after about 40 minutes to go meet up with the lady who was selling the ab lounger, $35, what a deal!

Hortensia called me crying, nothing new, apparently when she got home from the hotel, Martin her "live-in boyfriend" was served with warrant and taken. He has about 5 warrants ranging from moving violations to possession of false documents, SSN, lic, etc. She was crying because he didn't give her the money he was going to give her. OMG why can she not think about anything other than money? She acts like her world is going to collide. She asked if I wanted to come over. I arrived at 700pm, she's outside chasing her big dog and I step off my truck and lo and behold this huge dog jumps up on me and nearly knocks me down, I looked and him and yelled to sit and so he did. GOOD BOY! she caught him :)

I left Hortensia's about 730, went and picked up my daughter. Told her that we had to go to Deep Ellum to pick up her uncles money from the club for the bands, she's like ok. I look at her and wonder how much longer she'll look to me and dread the day shen she will ignore me and decided she no longer needs me. I know I shouldn't think like that but I can't help it.

Finally got home at 9pm whew! Vica head straight for the shower, i headed straight for my tool box. Michael had called me earlier and told me that the glider (still new and in box) didn't have all the screws with it. I yelled at him because I had told him not to touch it, I can't help it if I love to put things together. Anyway, right away, i opened the box up pulled all the parts and started my project. 30 mins later my son comes in and asks "how did you put it together with missing screws?" well the screws were there but he thought they were to small. DOH!

So tonight will be my starting point, I'm ready to start! 15 mins on abs, 15 mins on glider.

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