Monday, February 18, 2008

A New week, A new Me?

OK OK, I finally got an Aeroglider, I will begin using it today at least 30 mins a day. Whew! That's alot, 30 MINUTES! JK, anyway, I made a promise to myself that I would use it every day for 30 days and then check to see if there is any change.

Now, begining tomorrow, I will be getting up at 3am maybe 230am to get dressed and take my niece to work, she has to be there by 5am, then i head to my sisters in irving and then to work. This will help my workout on my glider 15 mins before i leave the house and then when i get home i can do another 15 mins.

Also, I will be doing a 5k Trolley Walk with my sister March 22nd. How exciting!

Current weight 226, goal - 160, i have 66 pounds to lose. I KNOW I CAN!


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