Monday, February 25, 2008

No Change.......yet

Well, I don't see any difference in me as of yet but I do feel a bit more energized than before. Still doing my 10 mins on both the glider and abs.

This weekend was a nice peaceful one. Let's see Friday, stayed in. Saturday, Alonso came over and asked if I wanted to go to the zoo, so i got dressed and we headed to fort worth zoo. Never been before, been to Dallas. Well, the Fort Worth zoo has nothing on Dallas. It was so beautiful and the day was even more beautiful. I love the areas that thay have created for the animals, makes it look like their home out in the wild. GORGEOUS ZOO!

Headed to my cousins in Fort Worth afterwards, picked up flyers to pass out to family and friends in Dallas and Mesquite. We have a cousin who's about 36 or so and has lukemia and the docs give her a few months to live. So another cousin is heading up the fundraiser for her and I picked up a few flyers to hand out. Seems like everywhere i turn someone is sick. Alonso's sister in law is in hospital, she had her leg amputated and just last week found out she has lukemia too now.

Well, headed home and got call from my good friend Mari, she finally sold her Lincoln Navigator and told me to come over and pick up my commission seeing as I helped her sell it and all. I listed the veh on CL's and sold in under 2 weeks. She wanted $12k but then brought it down to $10k seeing as it didn't blue book for $12k. Person with cash in hand and she broke down and sold for $9500. She paid me $500!!!!!!!! I didn't expect buy maybe $50 bucks but $500!!??!! Woohoo I was so excited.

So finally got home, Alonso took off to go see his brother and SIL at the hospital. I washed my truck, came back home nice and quiet. Vica was at dad's and Michael in Irving with friends, Big Michael housesitting for aunt, took a shower and headed out to Leti's, hanged out for bit, she got dressed and we headed to Decache. I had such a fun night for once. I actually danced! Alonso was at the bar already and he was flirting with his blonde bartender as usual. Me, Leti, Hortensia, Erica and Antonio decided we would dance all the cumbias together so we were on that dance floor for what seem like hours. :) haven't done that in a bit and talk about FUN!

SUNDAY: Woke up, went and got mom to take her to see Aunt Ramona, walked in her room and I thought I was looking at Apa. Tia was asleep and then the nurse came in to apply some lotion and so when she woke she started her shaking in her leg, poor thing, that must wear her out. She was so excited because they told her that she gets to go home on Wednesday. woohoo!! update: Tia was taken to Baylor last night for blood in the urine. :(

Afterwards, treated my mom to a movie, went to see Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. One of Martin's best movies yet. This movie sends a powerful message that alot of parents need now a days.

To end my weekend, picked up my daughter, did laundry and then found out one of our cats was walking with a bad leg. found two puncture wounds right above it. Must have been from the large Rott I saw earlier in the day. If I see who owns him, I will be confronting them for having him loose in the neighbors yard.

Bedtime was 10pm. This morning I look at myself and still no change. But there's still hope! :)

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