Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why can't people think of anyone but THEM!

Ok I get a call from my mother, her oldest sister was rushed to emergency. She apparently had a stroke. I'm here at work thinking oh no not this. I called my boss to let her know that I have to leave, she's ok with it at that particular moment. No sooner had I hung up my boss calls me back one question "Belinda, are you coming back today?" My response? well on the inside I'm yelling at her thinking how the hell can you ask me something like this?! Can all you think about is your business?

Just two weeks ago I was locked up for my stupid license being suspended and i called her and let her know that I would be out the next day and explained what happen. She said i'll get some money and get you out. i said NO NO NO i don't have the money to pay for this, well Belinda I have a business to run. OMG and i don't have a life to live? So my next check was paid directly back to her because SHE had a business to run, the hell with what bills i had budgeted for the hell with my gas money for the next two weeks.

So I finally answered her and said "I Don't know I'll just wait til 5 for me to leave." No as soon as i get there you can leave. at the time of this post it's been 2 hours since her call "i'm on my way!"


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