Friday, September 17, 2010

Prepaid Electricity?

First Choice Power – Prepaid

Finally, something that works in my favor! Being a single parent it’s hard to budget from one check to the next, especially when you have teenagers in school doing the extra curricular stuff such as band.

One day I had received my electric bill in the mail and it was $265 and it was due in a matter of days to avoid a disconnection, again. So I called up the company and asked for an extension to my next pay date and it was declined because they simply don’t do that.  The Rep that I was talking to then told me to try a prepaid service. So I looked up prepaid and found First Choice Power Prepaid (pay as you go).

The service rep @ First Choice Power explained the program to me and it sounded like something that I could handle. So I made my first “installment” and the best part is no credit check and NO DEPOSIT. That just made my day.

So I began this so call “pay as you go prepaid service”. The initial amount I paid was $50 to get started. According the cost per kwh at .129 I would have an estimated 5 days worth of electricity.

ALERT! ALERT! My cell phone rec’d a text message about 3 days after I started the new account and lo and behold it’s from First Choice Power telling me that I had a low balance remaining and what my estimated number of days were left on the account. It told me how much I had used on a given day as far as funds and kWh.

I loved it! So I called up with my debit card and made a payment. No sooner I had hung up the phone that I get another text telling me my payment had been rec’d. Any faster would have burned my phone – LOL.

Since signing up with First Choice Power Prepaid, I have a better control over my electricity usage and can avoid any interruptions in service. I also am more aware of leaving my lights on so now when I walk out of a room I automatically reach for the switch. Switching to First Choice Power Prepaid has made me switch my habits from money consuming to money saving and energy saving.

Make the switch!

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