Monday, November 16, 2009

Orienteering - Love it!

This weekend I went to Pottosboro, TX with NMHS O Team. My daughter competes as well. We headed over to the All Saints Camp and Conference for a two day meet.

Orienteering is where you have a map, compass and find your way from point 'A' to 'B'. In this case our map has 12 points and we have to navigate thru the woods, up some small hills, maybe cross a small creek or two in some cases and find our control points. Each control is numbered so on our clue chart our control points are 1 thru 12 but each one has a number, so if we come across say control number 150 for point 1 then that means we are not at the correct point per our map. So our point one on our map

is actually control number 127 which we found and decided to take a picture of each control as we found them.. Here I am at point 8 can you tell I'm sweating and tired? LOL We lost 10 minutes due to my fault of reading the map. Where i thought we were suppose to cross a bridge and really shouldn't of to find point 11. After point 11 I walked between some trees and felt a big spider web and looked over to my right and found this spider haning from a tree limb climbing. Thank God it wasn't on me. can you see him?

We finished a White course in one hour and 8 minutes. Not bad for our first time, we didn't get timed but we both agreed we would register for the Dec meet. :)

NMHS rec'd several medals as you can see here below:

Me and Al decided to camp Saturday night, we walked by the lake, hike a trail, sat on a wooden swing set overlooking the lake and watched for stars but too cloudy. There is much to do there, Volleyball, swim, camp, hike, bike, rope courses. we loved it!

Here are some random pics as well:

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