Monday, September 28, 2009

My Problems are minimal........

compared to what my boss is going thru. I arrived at work and had this update from him on his son, Nate.

""Nate has had a strange few days. He has been more playful and seems to have more energy. There just have been some things that still are not right. He goes back to Children's on Tuesday and I am sure they will run tests on him as a result of some symptoms. He has a bowel movement with suppositories, but not really any other time. He throws up occasionally and complains of headaches (both signs of tumor), but then ten minutes later wants to eat and is laughing and playing. His walking is horrible, but he crawls great and is climbing on everything. This could all be swelling from the radiation that will go away, complications from all of his procedures that may or may not go away, or it could be the cancer spreading again. It is frustrating, because some things tell you he is fine and everything is running its course, but then there is always that fear wondering why did that just happen or there has to be a reason for this not happening and you can't help but to think the worst. In many ways we don't want to know any more, we have been told that what has been done for him already is all that can be done and we just want to believe that it is all up to our precious LORD what happens from here. I know that God is good and HE has a plan for how HE wants to use us all. I believe that Nate will make it through this and will grow up to do even greater things for HIS kingdom. All of that said, I still have fears and I still struggle to understand why and how through all of this. At the end of the day, he is still my little three year old boy who I love beyond words, my heart aches, please continue to pray for him, he needs it now more than ever. May God bless you all -- Wes""

I find as I sit at work that my problems and anyone whose is not experiencing CANCER is nothing compared to that of my bosses son and the entire family that it's taking it's toll on. When a person has cancer the entire family has it just because you never know which way it's going to go.

I pray every day when I wake for several things but my prayers lean 80% to his son. I am asking anyone and everyone who reads this blog to please, please include him and his family in your prayers. For peace, healing, support, strength, faith, hope. Just know that I send this prayer out to all the Cancer patients and survivors. For the patients that they find healing rapidly and the survivors to allow them a full life without the thought of this ugly disease returning.

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