Monday, June 15, 2009

Water logged weekend

I had such an awesome weekend! Spent with my family. Friday me and my sister, Mira, met up at the LaserQuest and took in three rounds of laser tag, claire my leg, my leg. :) The maze in that place has ramps to go up and down and my legs felt it after we got home Friday night. I had such fun, Nally, my neice won a 2-4-1 pass on her next visit. WTG Nally!

Saturday, met up with Mira again with Nally and Mario. We decided we would go to the Brazos river and go tubing. Never been but I'll go again. I loved it! so relaxing and soothing. Got plenty of sun, after a 3 hour trip on the river, headed back to get our cars, headed over the river under hwy 67 bridge and ate some turkey sandwiches, man did they taste good! From there Mija headed home and me and Al headed over to Ft Worth for a birthday dinner. My Tia Cuca turned 90 years old and her family gave her a dinner at a Seniors Rec Center. The food was good, saw some relatives I hadn't seen since our last family reunion. When I got there went up to my tia Cuca and said hello and she was like "who are you?" I said "hija de Lupe Rios, la de Chona", she's like oh si si. gotta love her.

I sat back in my chair and reflected as the photographer was taking pics right in front of where i was sitting and then next to the cakes. there were two big balloons, one was a 9 and the other a 0. I started to tear up, I didn't want anyone to see me but I did tear up. I sat there thinking how great it would have been to celebrate 90 with my own mother. I was watching Tia's 3 daughters, Teri, Christina, and Delores move about to get groups for pictures, serve people dinner, cut cake and make sure everything was going smooth. I pictured me, Daniela and Miranda doing the same thing. How I miss my mother. She was such a strong person and I really expected us to celebrate 70 years together. It's funny how one can go from one day of feeling fine to the next day being in the hospital and on a respirator. I love you momma and I hope that I can wake up on what would have been your 90th birthday and sing Happy Birthday to you!!

Sunday, Daniela's turn to host Sunday Dinner. Got the message, FINALLY, that plans changed to move dinner to Joe Pool Lake. OMG it was an awesome day. Daniela made the ground meat for our tostadas and it was GOOD! Stupid me, I completely forgot that I had my freaking phone in my short pocket and after being in being in the lake for about 30 mins, found out and well no more phone. I'm estupid!

We stayed til about 930, my son Michael and Perla with my baby Fabian were able to join us and I think they had fun. I had such a blast and the water felt great! Found out that there's camping available at JPL. :)

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