Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Dinner

LOL - Well, this month was suppose to be my month to host our Sunday dinner and it was Easter also. One sister already had plans and we cancelled our trip to Bridgeport thinking it was going to rain.

Friday my sister, Mira, calls me, "can you change the time for Sunday dinner?" I said "Why?", well, I just won two tickets to the Joan Sebastian concert and it starts at 6pm. I said "I'll see" I love Joan Sebastian and the other group that was opening for him, Conjunto Primavera.

Friday, Vica was off school and a friend of hers invited her to stay the night on Thursday so that on Friday they could go to her family's huge egg hunt. Saturday, I put up my sale at a friends house and then did someone's tax return, then headed home and cooked some chicken fajita tacos, some rice and homemade tortillas. Sunday morning I had planned on sleeping late, which i did but my sister called me at about 10am, hey you wanna go to the concert with me, I said hell yea, why what happen. Well, her boyfriend doesn't like that kind of music. So we went, and remember I mention from time to time she works for Mary Kay Corp office? Well, yes we got to sit in the Mary Kay Suite. We had a pretty good view.

Joan has such pretty horses and they are all trained to dance.

He was diagnosed with throat cancer a few years ago and today is singing strong. He still has a great voice and still just as gorgeous. What a show!

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