Monday, April 20, 2009

I met HIM!

I finally got to meet my grandson, Phoenix. He is so so so so so so cute! Not just because he is my grandson but he really is cute. He has chunky cheeks, a look to die for. He looks at people with a look that seems to say "and you are?" LOL He's a very good baby, doesn't hardly cry. Doesn't mind being held by strangers. I just did not want to come home.

Since Al went with us this time, I again hiked up Black Rock to show him this beautiful view.

Also, when me and Vica went last year in July we took a pic together on the way there and did the same this year. Have we changed in a year's time?
Al made it to the summit point of Black Rock Mountain, I did too again, however, I promised I won't be doing it again unless my sisters go for a visit and that will be the last time. And only if they go together. LOL

Gabriel hasn't changed any and Jane has filled out and matured since I last saw her. They are so good to Phoenix and Diane mentioned to me that Jane has brought up her grades and is trying harder than ever to graduate this year. I'm so proud of her and she finally got her license too.

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