Monday, March 30, 2009

Whew what a weekend!

Friday night not much, Juanita, Jacque, John and myself headed out on a "run". We went to Albertson's to get our .45 sugar with our coupons, they each scored 8 bags and I scored 20! Can you imagine not having to buy sugar for months? Next we headed to Rockwall to check out Walgreens for some women's razors that with our coupon combined with the store coupon would have cost us $1.

From there, there was a CVS across the street and we decided to stop to see if this store had any of the Depends for Adults on clearance, since Daniela had told me she found some. Well talk about a shopping trip in this store. They were having a 90%, yes 90% sale!! John and Jacque scored 4 Wireless indoor/outdoor speakers regular price $79.99 on sale for only $4.99! Found lots of Rubber Maid containers for only .47!

Saturday morning I woke to bundles of coupons on my front door. All in all we had 398 books of coupons, so we, Juanita, John, Jacque, Maria and myself spent all and I mean ALL day separating coupons.

Headed to Casino Saturday night with a friend of mine who had never been, made it home by 4:45am and started to load my truck for the bazaar sale at St Edwards. Made it to St Edwards by 6:45am and started to set up.

John and Jacque made it about 7:30 or so and we set up everything and were ready by the 9am start. Let me tell you, anyone who has not had the pleasure of being around this couple, they are just too funny. I love to be around them, never a dull moment, never. They had me laughing all day.

I scored a $50 mountain bike almost brand new there at the bazaar from the lady set up next to us. Made it home by 4:30 headed to Juanita's at 8 to watch Celebrity Apprentice and next thing I know Juanita is waking me up. LOL

Got back to the house and headed straight for bed!

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