Monday, March 16, 2009

Free to 50 cents!!

Ok Friday night not much, got home from work and watched a couple of movies. Saturday, got up, Sheila came by, hit a couple of Wags for some more of my favorite shampoo seeing as with my coupon it was free. :) At about 6pm headed to Juanita's, went with her, John and Jacque to hit some Wags for final day sale of the Garnier. Talk about jackpot. None of the stores we went to imposed the limit!!! Juanita was able to get enough for her and Maria! We made out like bandits, John was able to score his mousse, lol. Also, found earlier in the day the Boost Smoothies for Tia Ramona, priced at 3.29 coupon was for $2.00 off making them 1.29 BUT at the register it rang up the current sale of B1G1 1/2 off!! Juanita paid $3.15 for 5 6-pks of Boost Smoothies!!!

We also, hit the Kroger to use up our Catalinas, each of us had $7 worth. Well, I hadn't gotten the sale ad for the week and to my surprise what a sale. We got the following

$12.96 - 9 bottles Purex Laundry Detergent 32 Loads W/free fabric softner
$7.50 - about 15 4-pks of the Dannon yogurt drinks

Then on Sunday, me and Juanita hit Walgreen's again to get our gum. Trident came out to .25 cents and found the peppermint on sale for .65 so that was free. Headed to Kroger, got some more Dannon, Purex and found other things on the sale, so headed back home to search for Q's and then back out again.

This trip, final trip, got Chex Mix snacks for .50 each, Gorton's Fish $1.95 a box, what a steal, coffee filters .25 for the 40 ct., Quaker rice cake snacks Free, Country Crock spread Free. This next week we'll get Irish Spring bar soap 3 ct FREE!! And we love FREE!!

Free - Quaker Rice Snacks
.50 4-pk Dannon Yogurt Drinks
1.95 Gorton's Fish (18 sticks, 5 fillets)
1.44 Purex Laundry Detergent (32 loads)
.25 Coffee Filters (40 ct)
.25 Gum
Free - Gum - Peppermint
Free - Country Crock Butter (15 oz)

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